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What We Do
Our Philosophy

Smith & Partners’ team is exclusively made up of ex–financial professionals.

Since 1999 Smith & Partners’ highly qualified team successfully provides banks, financial

institutions, asset managers as well as corporate treasuries with specialists and top executives.


Quantitative Research 60%

PMs 20%

HFT execution tech 20%


The dynamism of national and international financial markets permanently poses new challenges within the recruitment business. All the more is it important to have a reliable partner who can act market-driven, fast and flexible.

As financial specialists we advise our clients at every step of their recruitment process (skills

identification, follow-up, offer, closing, candidate integration). Our missions are unique

opportunities for our clients to obtain a detailed picture of their market niche (competitors, trends, salaries, etc).

Moreover, we are very “candidate-oriented” with a bespoke approach: the relationship with our

candidates is based on the long term as we see their career as a whole.

Smith & Partners’ international branches network allows us to use numerous developed synergies

within our recruitment process.

geographical breakdown

Asia 20% USA 60% Europe 20% 

Our expertise

Smith & Partners’ activity is dedicated to financial specialists recruitment.

Our missions range is organized in four main divisions :

 Trading floor for all cross asset activities (Equity, FX, Fixed Income, Commodities)

 Asset management (Hedge funds, Funds of Hedge Funds, Private Banking, Private Equity, Real


 Financial Management (IT, Risk Management, Back & Middle Office, Accounting and Reporting,


 Consulting and Project management

 Prop trading, Salespeople and Quant searchers,

We are also solicited by our most faithful clients to realize specific market watch and salary


Last but not least we have invested heavily in the most innovative technologies to cope up with

our clients and candidates: extranet, proprietary database – Bloomberg access.

Those tools enable us to be as proactive as possible.

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