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Just World International 

Smith & Partners Headhunters is the proud sponsor of JustWorld International a not-for-profit organization that transforms the lives of children in impoverished communities around the world.

This year, JustWorld will support more than 9,000 children by providing access to life-changing education, nutrition and health programs.

JustWorld provides a unique opportunity for equestrians and individuals to learn about, experience, and contribute to a global campaign against poverty.

JustWorld is an Official Charity Partner of the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI), the largest governing body of equestrian sports.


Hedge Frog association

Hedge Frogs is an association to network within the quantitative community (Fintech, Big Data, banks, and hedge funds) + a meeting once a month in the different financial hubs worldwide, with a conference animated by a quantitative speaker.

Since 2015, among others, we had the distinguished honor of having

  • Bruno Dupire, Head of Quantitative Research @ Bloomberg,

  • Dr. Sylvain CHASSANG, Professor of Economics at New York University

  • Vlad Rashkovich, head of Quantitative trading at Bloomberg.

  • Mike Soss, CIO Point72 Fusion alpha Capture.

Objectives of the association:

  • Casual Networking

  • Building a bridge among young professionals, CEO, teachers, PhD and Researchers

  • Helping students to get internships.


Anyone can join as long as he has to deal with #BigData...

the more the merrier!

More good memories to come!

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