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Hedge Frogs Association

Hedge Frogs

Hedge Frogs is an association to network within the quantitative community (Fin-tech, Big Data, banks, and hedge funds) + a meeting once a month in the different financial hubs worldwide, with a conference animated by a quantitative speaker.

Objectives: casual networking; building a bridge among young professionals, CEO, teachers, PhD and Researchers; helping students to get internships.

Since 2015, among others, we had the distinguished honor of having: 

Bruno Dupire

Head of Quantitative Research


Dr. Sylvain CHASSANG

Professor of Economics

 New York University

Vlad Rashkovich

Head of Quantitative trading


Mike Soss

CIO Point72 Fusion alpha Capture.​

Arezu Mogadham, PhD

Global Head of Data Science

J.P. Morgan Asset Management ·

You can join us  as long as you have to deal with #BigData...


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